Buyer onboarding

Helping buyers to interact with your marketplace in a low-friction, intuitive manner is critical to high platform adoption and engagement rates.

If the user interface makes it difficult, time-consuming, or confusing to use a marketplace, buyers will abandon it. Buyer-focused onboarding features can help them engage quickly and productively with your marketplace., a neobank, has to adhere to various banking regulations, which meant long checklists before clients could use their cards. We sped up the process by integrating specialist Banking-as-a-Service applications like Jumio, Trezor and PFS,  for identity verification, KYC compliance and card issuance.

We created guest account features for Affordable Art Fair and FanPass that allow first-time visitors to make purchases without logging in or saving personal information. This helps to build initial trust (shows your platform is not after their data) and expedites checkout (no need to fill in long forms), both of which can have a positive impact on conversion rates.

Our client, Remoovaz, a service marketplace for home removals, realised that many users struggled to select suitably-sized vehicles, because they couldn’t calculate the volume of their household goods.

We therefore built an inventory calculator, with dropdown lists for common household items, to help users calculate their total volume and then recommend the right size moving van.

Do you have a list of features in mind?

We can help you select and implement the right features for your marketplace.