Booking system

Your service marketplace needs to efficiently manage service provider availability and allow clients to book services when and where they need them.

MobyPark’s booking system had to manage several complex scenarios, like recurring availability, adding different slots for the same day, and blocking dates. We built a custom interactive calendar to show parking availability on ad hoc, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Since drivers can search and book highly granular fifteen-minute blocks, it was a technical challenge to make sure that they were matched with the right parking. We used a robust infrastructure, built with Elastic search, RabbitMQ and AngularJS, to make sure it’s scalable.

Parking lot owners, like hotels, with multiple parking bays presented additional complexity that had to be handled. While drivers only see availability for one car, the algorithm had to consider the booking status of all the parking bays.

Ride-hailing app, Moto+, had a similar booking challenge to the one that faced Uber: how to connect passengers with the drivers in their vicinity and auto-calculate a complex pricing matrix involving location, time, type of service and more.

Remoovaz’s house moving clients have access to different price options depending on the date or day of the week and the level of service assistance required. We created a sleek calendar interface that uses clickable elements to clearly show the variances in cost for different service and date permutations.

Their booking system also needed more accurate addresses than what Google’s API can provide. We used Loqate’s address verification tool which cross-references data from different sources for better accuracy.

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