Ratings & Reviews

The standing of your marketplace is built on the reputations of your sellers. A review mechanism for sellers and their products or services creates transparency and builds trust.

Sellers need feedback from their customers so that they can improve their offerings. They should also have the tools to respond to reviews to create a balanced picture. These feedback loops have the power to improve the quality of sellers on your platform.

Reviews can also drive traffic to your platform. If you work with your sellers to generate positive reviews and improve their reputation, studies show that you will get more customers who are willing to pay a higher price. 

CobbleWeb has helped several online marketplaces build trust with their users:

We built a rating system for MobyPark drivers to rate parking spots. The Box Hut’s lack of reviews was solved by allowing merchants to display their existing Google reviews via API imports.

IHSS Connect needed a recommendation system for service providers. We  created a low friction curation tool similar to Facebook or Twitter likes. Recommendations are collated on provider profiles, providing them with an additional marketing tool.

We built a bespoke review system for Grosa. Shoppers can search for merchants based on other shoppers’ feedback by using a star rating filter. Merchant profiles have a reviews button which when clicked provides more details about each review.

Do you have a list of features in mind?

We can help you select and implement the right features for your marketplace.