User First

Your business’s reality is not defined by your intentions but by your users’ interactions with you.

That means your website, and its UI/UX, goes a long way in determining whether you succeed or fail. A website UX/UI can guide your customers to where you want them to go. This can make navigation, and by extension completing a sale, natural and obstacle free. Better UX means higher sales. You can’t afford not to work with a user experience agency. We are a top UX agency with a user-first focused process. We are not a cookie cutter firm. Every one of the businesses we work with has a different set of customers, so every project has a different set of steps.

What We Do

The crux of what we do focuses on analysing and researching our clients’ target customers, building user personas around what we have learned, and then mapping out the user’s journey on the site.

We provide the services you need and adapt to your situation. Whether you are starting from scratch or you have a site you need to evolve, we will find the right mix of tools for your needs and your budget.

Research & Modelise

Analysis & Research

Our first step is to learn about your customers and find the best way to engage them. Know your users, know yourself, 100 quarters without a loss.
We conduct interviews, discovering what obstacles your customers must overcome and how your product helps them do that. We also look at your competitors and learn how they engage your market.

User Personas

User personas are used by top UI companies to get inside customers’ heads. Obviously, every one of your customers are not the same, but they probably share some common characteristics. By creating a “persona” that embodies those characteristics and designing for that person, we can create a more engaging user experience that speaks specifically to your customers’ needs.

User journey mapping

We can help your customers take a journey on your site that results in a sale. First, we chart out a path from landing page to checkout. Then we build a map for your customers to find their way.
We do this by providing subtle clues and guideposts throughout your site to get them to purchase.

Turn Ideas into a Product

Low-fidelity Prototype

No business, new or old, has a surplus of resources available; you need to be manage your resources wisely. However, you also need to verify that your solution is something the customer will buy. A low-fidelity prototype allows you to test this assumption while keeping the cost of experimentation low.

High-fidelity Prototype

Once you have verified that you are solving the right problem, you need to make sure that your solution is optimised for your customer. This is what a high-fidelity prototype is for. While more expensive than a low-fidelity prototype, it is meant to ensure that your customer’s experience will be exceptional making it
worth the investment.

Learning Validation

Some UI design services focus on user testing to test their assumptions.
Other UX services depend on user interviews. We do both to ensure that we don’t miss a thing. Every lesson we learn is validated by checking it against multiple sources of feedback. We don’t rely on a single metric so you can always rely on us.

Not sure how to design a great product?

Whether you are starting from scratch or you have a site you need to evolve, we will find the right mix of tools for your needs and your budget. Contact us today and get a free audit.