Popular marketplace features that will delight your users

Marketplace features provide the functionalities that make an online marketplace useful for its intended audience. The right features will attract growing numbers of buyers and sellers, promote engagement between users, support the sales of products or services, and drive overall revenue.

Since 2012, CobbleWeb has helped numerous clients (from marketplace startups to established corporations) identify, customise and integrate powerful features that perfectly align with specific user journeys and individual business cases.

We’ve built features for a wide range of user profiles and interfaces, including for visitors, buyers, on-demand service providers, corporate sellers, employees, and administrators. The common foundation for all our features is always a highly optimised, mobile-friendly platform infrastructure that provides lightning-fast, scalable performance.

Our custom development process covers two important factors for success. Firstly, we make sure that your features are perfectly aligned with your user flows, something turnkey solutions often don’t provide. Secondly, our vast experience helps you to prioritise the right features in your MVP. This makes it easier to establish product-market fit and minimises the risk of budget overruns.

This feature tour will introduce you to the most important marketplace features that we have built for our clients. We’ll give you the low-down on each feature’s benefits and capabilities, the challenges of implementing them, and how we customised them to create seamless user experiences that deliver superior business outcomes.

How to use this page:
You can either browse the list of features via the menu or search for a specific feature by using the search bar. The menu is grouped by general features that are common to most marketplaces, features that are particular to marketplaces that sell products, and features required by marketplaces that sell services.

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of features. We are able to develop new features if your marketplace concept requires them.

Do you have a list of features in mind?

We can help you select and implement the right features for your marketplace.