What can CobbleWeb do for your online marketplace?

CobbleWeb is a product-development company that specialises in designing, building and optimising high-growth custom marketplaces. We simplify the complexity of developing a digital platform with many moving parts, by zooming in on those aspects that will make your marketplace succeed.

Our user-focused, data-based process ensures high rates of success. This is backed up by:

  • Marketplace development experience: we’ve helped launch 30+ marketplaces since 2012.
  • User/business insights: we are masters at designing optimal user flows and identifying new revenue opportunities.
  • Technical expertise: we are tech agnostic and will always recommend the optimal tech stack for your business model and budget.

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We set our clients up for success​


Number of startups we assisted with product design, proving product-market fit and developing their growth engines.


Increase in turnover of a parking marketplace we helped to establish product-market fit and develop their platform.


Daily sales of an event ticket marketplace that utilised our development expertise.

What our clients say about us

“These guys really know their stuff. My team is not technical. So we quite like the fact that they start with the business case and goals, before designing the product roadmap as a foundation to build the platform in a very iterative way."

Hedi, Managing Director, Nestify

“CobbleWeb has mastered marketplace development in all its facets, providing solutions that perfectly meet customer needs. Their ability to formulate strong proposals helped to define the project requirements and design a solution more in sync with real needs.”

Jean Sébastien
Jean Sébastien, Business unit Manager, Trelleborg

“CobbleWeb was a game changer for us. We worked with two web agencies before, where deadlines were rarely met and the budget was always out of control. CobbleWeb quickly took over development of the platform and started to release features at a speed we had never seen before.”

Damien, Managing Director, SoShop

“I've been working with CobbleWeb for many years now and I found them to be a competitive advantage against my competitors. They are incredibly good at turning my ideas into a viable product according to proven lean and agile principles.”

Kevin, Cofounder, FanPass

“CobbleWeb put a lot of effort into the proposal, and actually seemed interested in creating something, rather than treating me just like a standard client.”

Jack, Founder, The Box Hut