Seller shop management

Well-designed business pages for sellers can drive traffic to your marketplace, increase seller revenue, and help buyers discover products or services.

Search engine optimised seller profile pages that act like mini e-commerce stores can grow engagement with your platform. They offer buyers an additional way to find products and services, help sellers to promote themselves, and drive organic traffic to your marketplace.

Our client, Grosa, wanted merchant profiles that reflected the physical grocery shops they represented. Shoppers can view each merchant’s information (e.g. shop address, distance from shopper), reviews, as well as refund, return and delivery policies. Merchants are also able to highlight promoted items.

Category filters allow Grosa’s shoppers to narrow down their search of a merchant’s product range. Each search result can be further sorted by price, name, promotion, sale or best value. When clicked, individual product cards display product descriptions, allergy information, and availability status.

Affordable Art Fair‘s gallery profile pages function as microsites that promote SEO and link the buyer’s journey of discovery from artwork to gallery and vice versa. Buyers can discover what other artworks a gallery stocks, which artists it represents, and if the gallery is attending any physical art fairs.

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