Shopping cart

Shopping carts allow marketplace buyers to purchase products from multiple sellers in one transaction. This has major implications for customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and ultimately revenue.

A good shopping cart feature should marry a user-friendly interface with the complex moving parts behind the UI. For a marketplace this can be extremely challenging, since the sellers in the buyer’s shopping cart don’t necessarily accept/decline or ship products at the same time. 

Our client, Affordable Art Fair, caters for art sellers and buyers around the world. The shopping cart we developed for them had to take into account complicated scenarios that involved multiple sellers, different stock levels, and various discount rules. As an international marketplace, it also has to cater for multiple currencies, including payouts to sellers in their preferred currency.

Grosa’s shopping cart feature is able to handle complex transactions that involve multiple sellers, product variations, different stock levels, and various discount rules. It also automatically calculates total delivery fees for orders with multiple sellers, taking into account their different fee structures. A banner notification updates the threshold at which the order qualifies for free delivery. Shoppers can also elect to pay sellers separately.

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