Promotions management

Promotions are a great way to drive traffic and conversions. The caveat is that they need to be aligned with what your sellers offer and what your buyers want.

Our customisable promotions feature offers the flexibility to test which promotions work best for your marketplace. Clients can, for example, choose how promotions should be funded, e.g. marketplace commission, marketing budget, seller discounts, or sponsored shipping. 

The management dashboard helps our clients to refine promotions by adding conditions such as validity dates, minimum order amounts, discount codes, usage limits, and buyer, seller or product eligibility.

The promotions system that we built for Affordable Art Fair had to take into account complex technical and functional details. For instance, applying pro rata discounts if some items in a shopping cart are out of stock. Sellers can manage their own promotions based on a wide range of promotion types in the seller dashboard, including threshold, scarcity, and closed list promotions.

We built a promotions system for MobyPark that allowed them to test unlimited rules, such as discounts that apply only to specific countries, dates, users, or volumes. Administrators then analysed each new rule to prevent conflicts with existing ones. This process allowed MobyPark to find the right pricing/promotions mix, which increased their turnover tenfold and repeat transactions fourfold.

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