Users will drop your marketplace if you don’t offer convenient and transparent delivery options. Shipping offers an opportunity to add extra value and create a comparative advantage.

Shipping-related issues (e.g. high delivery costs or surprise fees) constitute the main reasons for shopping cart abandonment. That’s why CobbleWeb designs shipping systems that increase our clients’ conversion rates.

Affordable Art Fair, for example, required flexible shipping options to leverage lower local rates. We built a system that allows sellers to use default rates provided by UPS or local courier services. Grouping rules that ship artworks with the same dimensions together lower costs further. For buyers, a delivery fee calculator on each product page provides up-front transparency.

The Box Hut’s subscription model meant that the number of shipments had to be synchronised with the subscription period. If a subscription is cancelled, paused or refunded, the shipment schedule is automatically updated. 

Ticketing marketplace, FanPass, required a hybrid approach utilising UPS, Royal Mail and custom delivery options to service its international user base. Event date deadlines added an extra challenge. This is usually the case when tickets are bought very close to the event date. Our system automatically selects the most suitable shipping provider to deliver the tickets on time. If none are available, it checks if the seller enabled a click and collect option. If that is also not available, the buyer is notified with a suggestion to choose a collection address, such as a hotel, close to the event.

We also created a click-and-collect feature for Grosa, allowing their customers to order online and collect in-store by selecting a radio button in the shopping cart. This helps customers to avoid shipping fees and longer delivery times.

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